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E-Sports is developing dynamically and we’re rushing ahead together with it!

Very soon, the doors of our new Lisbon office (Portugal) will open. There, our employees will not only work but also relax after a productive working day!

Why Lisbon? It’s because it is extremely cost-effective!

When one opens an office in one of the EU countries, a company receives a number of advantages, which start with lower taxes and end with various benefits from a country’s government.

There are some disadvantages, though, but we all know that it’s impossible to completely avoid the bureaucracy and the constant lack of narrow-niche documents.

What makes our office special? That’s not a cage for personnel – that’s a true paradise (although, not the Gangsta’s Paradise).

Everyone working there has access to permanently open lounge zones, where one can work on tasks and relax in a company of a cocktail or hookah, ordered in a BRAZY bar!

Don’t feel like cocktail or hookah because you’re a yoga adept? Worry not: there is a terrace for lovers of a healthy lifestyle!

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Want to play a couple of matches instead of yoga? Then the gaming zone is already waiting for you, packed with beloved computer games of all classes, even the top-notch ones. 

Moreover – the gaming hall is also a training base for our cybersport team, which can be a gaming partner for any of our employees!

BRAZY values the preferences of every employee and does not oppose them (if this does not prevent them to fulfill work tasks)!

A standard office? Well, we’re kinda not attracted to it. We have such awesome shticks for every our employee:

  • 14-15 salaries per year
  • Record-high vacation length, much longer than in any Portuguese company
  • Bonuses for every goal of your favorite sports team
  • Free yearly gym memberships.

These do not only highly motivate to come and work in the office and to be maximally productive but also completely destroy the formality of typical faceless office places.

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