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The Major is the biggest honor, a global tournament with the best teams and outstanding players. Everyone who has ever played CS has thought about what it would be like to play on the main stage of the world’s largest Counter-Strike festival. Those who often sacrifice their lives to achieve such an honor have no guarantee of success, but there are those for whom victory is a middle name.

Among the elite players, there are also those whose shelves groan under the weight of cups and medals. To win a Major, you need the highest skills and form, but to do it several times, you need to be more than just a human in the realities of the game. To cope with the pressure, not only talent and determination are crucial, but also unfathomable mental strength.

This article is a summary or, for some, a completely new acquaintance with the players who can boast of more than one victory at the most prestigious event in the world of our favorite game.

#5 Major: dupreeh 

dupreeh is not only the player with the most money earned from the prize pool but also a living legend and an example of longevity. The most successful player in the history of CS:GO, he participated in all 19 majors and won 5 of them, which remains an unbeatable record to this day. It should be noted that three of them were conquered back-to-back! His last major victory was against Vitality in Paris in 2023.

#4 Major: dev1ce – Xyp9x – gla1ve – Magisk 

Four great players who, together with the previously mentioned dupreeh, created the legendary Astralis, which proved its superiority over other teams with its dominance. The Astralis era spanned 3 years, from 2017 to 2022, when the team won 4 major tournaments, including three in a row. Of course, each of the above players is a person with a solid reputation, experience, and achievements. It’s worth noting that Magisk once again won his fourth victory together with dupreeh in Vitality colors.

#3 Major: flusha – JW – pronax 

There was nostalgia, but not a lack of skill. If you don’t know these three gentlemen, you have a lot of CS history to catch up on. Flusha, JW, and pronax are gentlemen who triumphed in the early days of CS:GO. From 2013 to 2015, they won 3 major titles with Fnatic. After 6 years of adventures together, pronax moved to GODSENT shortly before the end of his career. Flusha hung up in 2023 and JW is still actively representing EYEBALERS.

Counter-Strike 2 is a competitive game at its core. Still, it boasts an incredible number of casual players and skin enthusiasts who prefer to buy different cosmetics to make colorful swag games or be part of the skin community and share their love for skins.

Even though most players have cluttered sets with game drops, paper stickers they unpacked years ago, or cheap skins they never use. Others prefer to keep things organized and clean with just a few pages of their best stuff.

In this article, we’ll show you how you can organize your inventory and place different items accordingly for a more aesthetically pleasing look and extra zest.

It’s worth noting that organizing your CS2 inventory is a lot harder than it sounds, and it may take some time to get everything as neatly as possible.

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