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Why does BRAZY company encourage informal communication among the team?

At least three corporate parties a year, our crazy chats, team building meetings… Make yourself comfortable and get ready to listen to some scientific facts. After all, we love science, read a lot, and we do criticize a lot. Therefore, non-work communication in the company, which has grown by almost 100 people in two years, is a different type of entertainment.

Only one job interview? A shocking content

In a dynamic and expansive company, human resource is of utmost importance. Especially when you work in E-Sports. A shocking market that grows by billions of dollars and should have more than 600 million global users in the nearest future. A giant ecosystem. Even more than that — an entire multiverse!

Crazy-office for BRAZY

E-Sports is developing dynamically and we’re rushing ahead together with it! Very soon, the doors of our new Lisbon office (Portugal) will open. There, our employees will not only work but also relax after a productive working day!