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The BRAZY team has prepared a selection of the best maps to warm up before a long session in Premier or FACEIT mode. Here you will find not only great exercises to hone your CS2 shooting skills, but also points to improve the speed and concentration of movements on the location, which is no less important. 

This is especially important for those who took a break from playing CS2 during the New Year holidays.


Recoil Master — according to our team and statistics, this map is the most popular among CS2 players in the Steam Workshop for practicing shooting and reaction skills. Why is it better to hone your skills on this map first? Relying solely on single shots or randomly wandering around in the main locations will lead to poor results, as opponents will simply outshoot you. Knowing how different types of weapons behave allows you to quickly eliminate multiple enemies.

On this map, you can choose one of 10 weapons, enable infinite bullets, Bullet Time, or use other settings.


The Aim Botz map is a benchmark among warm-up spots used by many casual and professional players, including legends like s1mple. It is one of the best for practicing in CS2, especially if you are a beginner.

At Aim Botz, you can choose any weapon to shoot bots with. Bots can move or stand still. The author has provided convenient switching between the settings, so nothing distracts you from practicing your CS2 shooting accuracy.

GGPredict Training Hub

Similar in concept to the previous CS2 maps on our list, GGPredict Training Hub has a more attractive interior that is more in line with the overall style of the game. 

For added motivation, the GGPredict Training Hub also features leaderboards, adding a competitive element to your CS2 aiming practice.


As we already mentioned that the speed of the game’s response is important for accurate shooting in Counter-Strike 2, it is, in fact, the decisive factor. You can have the lowest ping, the best computer components, and a monitor with a high refresh rate to play the game, but without practice, it’s just hardware with a screen. 

Fast Aim/Reflex Training helps to improve a gamer’s speed and reflexes to win any match by outplaying the opponent and thus get closer to the professional league.


Another important CS2 map is made by Crashz, although it may not be suitable for everyone. Viewmodel is a group of settings that allow you to position your hands and weapon model on the screen. Different players have different preferences, and while many play with the default settings, they may not be suitable for everyone. This map was created to provide a visual representation of each setting.

How do I find these practice maps?

So you’ve already decided which CS2 practice maps you like? To play on any of them, you’ll need to follow a few steps that may not be entirely obvious to a beginner.

First, open the map’s page on Steam Workshop and click “Subscribe”. 

Open Counter-Strike 2 and click “Play” in the main menu. 

Go to the Workshop Maps section and select the map you want. 

Click “Go” in the bottom right corner and then in the pop-up window that appears. 

Enjoy your training in Counter-Strike 2!

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