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One of the biggest complaints about the CS2 release is the poor performance of the game compared to its predecessor CS:GO. Many players have reported suffering from severe lag and load issues on their computers as a result of the game’s poorly optimized performance. However, while many of these issues are Valve-related, there are some tweaks you can apply to your game to make it run smoother and gain a competitive edge in terms of FPS and overall game performance. Let’s take a look at some of the settings you can change yourself:

Video settings

Video settings:

Color mode: Computer monitor

Brightness: 100%

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Resolution: 1920×1080

Display mode: Fullscreen

Refresh rate: high

Laptop power saving: Off

The aspect ratio and resolution are mostly a matter of personal preference, but these are the most commonly used settings and are the default settings when you first launch the game. Some players also use 16:10 (1680×1050) and 4:3 (1280×960), so feel free to experiment with different resolutions until you find the perfect one for you.

Advanced video settings:

Enhance player contrast: On

Wait for vertical synchronization: off

Current values of the preset videos. Custom anti-aliasing mode with multiple samples: 4X MSAA — you can choose lower values for a minimal increase in FPS, but it will degrade the game quality

Overall shadow quality: medium/high

Texture model/details: medium

Texture filtering mode: bilinear

Shader detail: low — minimizes shader detail to improve performance

Particle Detail: Low — minimizes particle detail for performance

Ambient Occlusion: Medium — improves performance and may provide players with an edge

Expanded Dynamic Range: Quality — slightly reduces FPS, but significantly improves visuals. You can set it to a lower setting if you want to prioritize performance.

Fidelity FX Super Resolution: Off

NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency: On, unless your computer is not tied to a processor, in which case we suggest using Boost mode.

Sound settings

Sound settings:

Main volume: personal preference

Audio device: default device

Equalizer profile: clear

L/R isolation: 50-80%

Perspective correction: None

Turn on voice: Press to use the microphone

Simplified Push to Talk function: Yes

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