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The latest huge update for Counter-Strike 2 not only brought new skins to the game but also restored the “old-new” game mode —  the Arms Race. Today, the BRAZY blog will tell you about the Arms Race, and our experts will share some tips for this mode.

ALL about the CS2 Arms Race for beginners

“The Arms Race” in CS2 allows you to test and use many weapons freely?

CS2 Arms Race is an entertaining deathmatch mode where the main goal is to go through a chain of different weapons and end the game with a knife kill. You usually need to score two kills with the current weapon to advance to the next level. If you die, don’t worry: the respawn timer is short, and you can continue the game with the same weapon as before.

The set of weapons in each CS2 Arms Race match varies, but all variants correspond to the following combination:

1 automatic rifle

1 sniper rifle

4 assault rifles

1 machine gun

3 submachine guns

1 heavy pistol

3 pistols

2 shotguns


The game ends when the player on the last level (knife) makes the final kill.

What maps are used in the Arms Race? 

Valve has released two maps for the Arms Race mode: Baggage and Shoot.

Baggage is a symmetrical map representing an unnamed airport baggage claim area. The color scheme and textures are very reminiscent of Nuke.

Shoots is another classic Deathmatch map, also symmetrical, but the spawns are located diagonally to each other. In CS:GO, Shoots was known as Vietnam and was located there, but in CS2, the location was moved to Mexico with textures borrowed from Ancient.

Useful Tips for the Arms Race

Here are some tips on how to play Arms Race in CS2. The most important tip is to just keep moving. Camping may seem tempting, but the instant respawns, map structure, and mode rules make this tactic ineffective. You have to actively search for fragments, not wait for the loot to come to you, as the gameplay in this mode is too fast.

It’s also important to remember that early knife fragments are valuable because one knife kill immediately grants you a level, while your enemy loses that level.

The Weapon Race is a great opportunity to try and practice different types of weapons. Submachine guns, assault rifles, and shotguns —  in this mode, you will unwittingly explore their strengths and weaknesses in practice.

Follow our updates and test the new modes inside and out! Sincerely, from the BRAZY team!

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