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In a dynamic and expansive company, human resource is of utmost importance. Especially when you work in E-Sports. A shocking market that grows by billions of dollars and should have more than 600 million global users in the nearest future. A giant ecosystem. Even more than that — an entire multiverse!

In that multiverse, people speak different languages and live all over the world. That’s the same thing in Brazy, in a company with multinational teams, its own development department, and marketing of wide functionality.

How did we manage to gather everyone, with no jetlag feeling 24/7?

That’s just the magic of our HR dept: it is genius in the art of creating teams of like-minded people!

Selecting, preserving, and avoiding a stall in such teams is a huge challenge for HR. In Brazy, encourage schemes for individual employees and entire departments are thought out in every smallest detail: motivational packages, premiums, courses, teambuilding, and even situational quizzes with bonuses from the CEO!

Every employee brings individual and unique usefulness to Brazy, so, every employee has to be the best! Does it sound rational?

Yes, we all are smart and mercantile consumers in our own way.

We hire the best so as to make them develop us.

The best people choose us to have a chance to develop themselves. On the most staggering market in the world. 

We value not someone’s diploma but unique experience, intelligence, passionate work, and the desire to move Brazy ahead.

Oh, by the way, how do you think, how many job interviews do we need to hit the bull’s eye? Three, five, ten? 

While the IT sector makes candidates feel weary for 1-2 months (which has already become a bad joke), we only have 1 job interview.

Our job applicant speaks to key leads and heads. They do not undergo 9 circles of Hell. They do not rack their brains to answer the question, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” (Did you ever receive a truthful answer to this question in the first place?)

The optimization of candidate search by our HR department not only saves time. You see, somewhere is an ideal candidate waiting. If one does not manage to imbue a candidate with trust in one’s brand today, tomorrow that candidate comes to competitors. And one will lose valuable resources, time, ideas, and tempo.

Brazy is a dynamically developing company with a full-fledged horizontal architecture. That is an initial political decision that allows every department to be flexible in the process of creating tools that are advantageous for the products and the brand in general. That’s exactly why we give a possibility to our employees to reveal themselves and be always ready for new ideas that we are thrilled to test in practice.

Yes, we are not afraid to be mistaken sometimes. Because fear of making a mistake brakes any development. In any industry. And even in a regular life of a person.

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